Solo Science Labs & Prep Rooms

We give you well-equipped science labs with all the latest technologies, so you can give your students the best quality education and inspire the budding scientists of tomorrow.

Make the most of whatever space you have

We design detailed floor plans of your labs first, which helps you maximise space and cater for both practical work and theory lessons.

Resistant against chemicals, heat and scratches

We specify Trespa work surfaces to make sure your labs are safer for your students to work in and tough enough to withstand everyday use. 

We supply all the finishing touches

These include water and gas taps, sinks, safety equipment and both mobile and fixed fume cupboards. We can also install your plumbing, electrics, flooring and décor.

Keep your science equipment safe and secure

We design Prep Rooms with safe, flexible storage systems to help you free up clutter and get to your equipment quickly and easily.

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