Winifred Holtby Academy

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When Winifred Holtby Academy needed to rethink and repair their sloped viewing facility, they chose Claughtons Installation Service to come up with a solution.

The viewing facility is made up of sloping softwood worktops that sit around the perimeter of the mezzanine on the first and second floors, and is used by students to practise their drawing skills. Because the worktops could be easily damaged, this area was becoming a prime spot for student vandalism. Our team of project managers, on-site team leaders and designers worked together to solve the problem. 

We re-clad the worktops with a more suitable product called compact laminate. This is an industry standard material that is much tougher and more difficult to damage than the existing softwood.

Because of the awkward nature of the project, our installation team spent a lot of time in our off-site facility to ensure the product was machined and prepared to perfection. This made the on-site stage of installation much quicker and easier. To keep disruption to the school’s timetable to a minimum, we carried out all of the on-site installation outside of school hours.

The students at Winifred Holtby Academy now have a purpose-built, aesthetically pleasing facility where they can spend their free time.

Dave Neild, Winifred Holtby Site Manager, Robertsons Facilities Management, comments: “Claughtons Installation Services provided an exceptional solution to a long-term problem for the school. Their ability to design and control a project through both their off-site facility and their skill set on-site ensured the desired outcome was achieved.”

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